Paper Money of Chihuahua

.. by Simon Prendergast

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Home The History The dos caritas Counterfeit $5 dos caritas Type 1

Counterfeit $5 dos caritas Type 1

These are Series C.

Chao's signature has space between curls of 'M' and 'C'

Madero portrait Type 2

Madero portrait Type 4 with broader nose, stronger beard

González portrait Type 2

González portrait Type 4 with whiter forehead, stronger eyes, eyebrows and moustache

shield flows

shield breaks

These are printed on thinner paper. They are known with black circular Tesoreria seal and control letters T-O. L-A-B, A-XIICM, C-MDX, E-LMP, F-VXI, L-DXVI, M-NMDI, and N-CDMI.


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