Paper Money of Chihuahua

.. by Simon Prendergast

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Counterfeit $20 dos caritas

On 28 March 1915 Manuel Carrasco handed in $880 in counterfeit $20 Series E dos caritas to the police in Parral. The serial numbers were 122021, 122022, 122025, 122026, 122033, 122035 to 122058, 122060, 122062, 122070, 313024, 313041 to 313048, 313051, 313052 and 313054AMP, Gobierno, Jefatura Politica y Presidencia Municipal, Libros minutarios, AL1213-000-109.

In one incident in April 1915 the Agencia Comercial y Financiera in Ciudad Juárez sent Sonora governor Maytorena a $20 Series E note with a Fuerzas del Estado resello, complaining that it was false. Maytorena noted that the Tesorería General in Chihuahua had said that it was genuineJMM papers, box 5, folder 5, item 23 Reynaldo (sic) E. Navarro to José Maytorena,  7 April 1915. In another incident in the same month the Nogales commission agents, J. J. Goodman and Co. had some packets of $20 notes that they had submitted to Remigio Montoya for validation refused. Montoya sent one of the note, E 122403, to the Tesorería General in Chihuahua for checking and the Tesorería replied that it was genuine but Montoya still refused to stamp the other notes JMM papers, box 5, folder 6, item 23 Goodman and Co. to Sebastián Vargas, 22 April 1915; JMM papers, box 5, folder 6, item 24 Goodman and Co. to Maytorena, 22 April 1915.  From the serial number it is probable that Montoya was correct, so even the Tesorería General in Chihuahua nodded.

Counterfeit $20 dos caritas Type 1

$20 dos caritas counterfeit Type 1 face

$20 dos caritas counterfeit Type 1 reverse

This example of Type 1 has contemporary annotations on the differences. It comes from the ‘Symmetrical school’ as it ‘corrects’ the top border.


The wavy border has a join or overlap in the centre
The centre of the right-hand part of the scroll is a white oval

The wavy border is continuous
The centre is a half-moon

A comma-shaped dot to the right of the left-hand '20'
The shading of the numbers is thinner

The shading is thicker

Distance between point and scroll


Madero portrait Type

Madero portrait Type

González portrait Type

González portrait Type

The design on the reverse is well executed

design is poorer, for example the automobile in front of the bank

These were produced over time as they are known as a Series E with black circular Tesorería seal and control letters N-R-S and R-VXC, and red circular Tesorería seal and letters P-VLM, and as a Series K with black scalloped Tesorería seal and letters T-ERU.


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