Paper Money of Chihuahua

.. by Simon Prendergast

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Personnel of El Banco Mexicano

Other people connected with the bank included:

Urbano V. Balderrama: was cajero in January 1893.

Mauro Candano: Born in 1855, Candano had both a military and political career. He married Aurelia González from Guerrero and was a member of the Carrillo faction, serving as Interim Governor for Lauro Carrillo in 1889. From 1891 until 1895 he was contador of the Banco de Chihuahua and then in 1896 was contador of this bankFrancisco Almada, Gobernadores de Chihuahua, Chihuahua, 1980 but is he confusing this with the Banco de Chihuahua? but went to Mexico City in 1897. He later returned to Chihuahua, took part in the Ciudadela coup in 1913 and thereafter supported Huerta (though he interceded on behalf of some of the regime's victims). He died in 1938.

Ramón Cuellar: was appointed Interventor in December 1890 and held the post until 1895. Born in 1839, he became a judge in 1873 and was later made Jefe de Hacienda. He fought for the Terracistas and on their victory in November 1879 was appointed Administrador de Rentas, a position he held for just over four years. On 9 January 1884 he was named Substitute Governor for three months. After this, he returned to the Administración General de Rentas, until 28 July 1885. Later he was manager of the Banco Mexicano until 1897 when, on approving the merger with the Banco Minero, the Secretaría de Hacienda named him Interventor de Bancos en el Estado, a post he held until his death in Chihuahua in 1917.

Luis Faudoa: He was one of the principal shareholders in 1879.

Julio Faudoa: He was appointed cajero in January 1891 and held the post until April 1893. He also deputised for his successor, Luján, in October and November 1893.

José Maria Luján: was on the board.

Alberto Terrazas Cuilty: was on the board.

Luis Terrazas: was on the board.